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According to the designs, we produce aquariums and terrariums from AGC Glaverbel glass with a thickness of 4 - 25 mm, both from the classic float FLOAT and from white CLEARVISION glass. For large aquariums, safety glued or tempered glass is used, as well as aquarium acrylate up to a thickness of 250 mm. The length of the glass can be up to 6 m, the acrylic up to 8 m. When machining individual parts, we perform cutting, grinding,& polishing, drilling holes, bending, tempering and NC processing of glass and all other necessary modifications.

We also offer our own aquarium lighting fixtures T8 and T5 with anodized aluminum beam, which can be made to the required size of the aquarium cover.

The production of furniture for aquariums from an inexhaustible number of wooden decors is a matter of course, even in the current colors in high gloss.

We also equip aquarium shops and growing rooms with tanks, including assembly and delivery of technical equipment.

ikona terária


All visible edges are ground, polished and we work with great care and emphasis on accuracy and quality of the joint.

The terrarium is usually equipped with a ventilation grille 5 cm wide from the front, at the top according to the size of the terrarium 5 - 10 cm wide. In front of the terrarium there is a door with two sliding glasses. At the request of the terrarium, the back of the terrarium can be glued with colored foil or the background can be glued to it.

ikona akvária


In the production of aquariums, we work with the utmost care, emphasis on the quality of glass processing, accuracy and strength of joints. All visible edges are ground and polished. For a really long life of aquariums, we separate the glue so-called dry, and the joints thus have 100% adhesion over their entire surface. Overflow shafts or partitions - according to the customer's wishes - can be glued into all aquariums. We glue really big aquariums on the spot.

All operations associated with production are performed manually, which significantly positively affects the quality of our work and its results.

ikona akvária obrazu

Wall aquarium

Would you like something that is really trendy and doesn't take up as much space as a classic aquarium? Choose an aquarium as a picture offered by our NatureWall system.

During the first presentation of the aquarium at the Pragointeriér exhibition in 2009, we met with great interest, which motivated us to further develop. An ordinary aquarium is space-consuming, placing the aquarium on a wall, as a picture, can solve this problem. We have developed our own filter unit and maximized the whole system.

Inside the aquarium, we establish a life that gradually develops into a unique harmonious ecosystem. Its inhabitants include the popular freshwater shrimp, which feels good here. Another added value of this aquarium is the original minimalist design. This non-traditional concept elevates the aquarium to an interesting and imaginative accessory that is suitable for an apartment or family house, but will also delight in administrative or commercial buildings.