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Your satisfaction, our joy.

30 years of experience in close cooperation with architects and designers, a partnership with Akvária.cz and the joint project REVOLUTIONARY AQUARIUM SYSTEM allow us to provide a comprehensive register of services according to current trends, which will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

We are very proud to cooperate with the Japanese company of the worldwide format ADA - Aqua Design Amano, which in the past chose us as its supplier precisely because of its precise and accurate work. Today, we supply our aquariums throughout Europe - in addition to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Italy, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

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The history of the company dates back to 1991. Above all, a responsible and professional approach to all types of orders, supported by personal enthusiasm for aquaristics, has given Pavlica company a stable position on the market, especially in the production of aquariums and other interior accessories of this nature.

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Our aquariums differ from others mainly in their precise execution, they are manufactured with maximum accuracy and all edges of the glass are ground and polished. Overflow shafts or partitions - according to the customer's wishes - can be glued into all aquariums. Gluing of external filtration is a matter of course. We supply our own metal frame under the aquariums in zinc, lacquer and stainless steel.

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We use Float and Linea Azura glass in the thickness of 4-19 mm and extra clear Clear Vision glass in the thickness of 4-19 mm for the production of aquariums. We also process tempered and safety bonded glass. We produce aquariums up to a length of 6 meters. We also glue larger tanks directly on the customer's premises. We use black and transparent silicone for gluing. For large-volume tanks, we use aquarium acrylate in a thickness of 50-120 mm. These are perfectly optically clear blocks with a light transmittance of 92%

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Wall aquarium

Would you like something that is really trendy and doesn't take up as much space as a classic aquarium? Placing the aquarium on the wall, as a painting, can solve this problem. Choose our NatureWall system. Another added value of this aquarium is the original minimalist design. This non-traditional concept elevates the aquarium to an interesting and imaginative accessory that is suitable for an apartment or family house, but will also delight in administrative or commercial buildings.

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We make standard designs with ventilation grilles and sliding doors as well as custom terrariums according to the customer's wishes.

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Examples of completed projects

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Contact us

By phone, e-mail or via the 'create request' form. We will contact you and arrange a personal meeting.

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Introductory consultation

We will be happy to meet you - preferably right where your future aquarium will stand. We will personally discuss everything you need and measure the space for the aquarium.

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Creating a design

We will create a design for your future aquarium exactly according to your requirements and the possibilities of the space.

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Aquarium production

After signing the contract and issuing an advance invoice, any construction modifications and technical preparation will take place. We manufacture aquarium, filtration, furniture and lighting. If it is a large aquarium, gluing will take place on site.

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Aquarium installation

The installation and assembly of the aquarium will take place on a date we agree in advance. As part of the installation, we will also arrange and stock the aquarium.

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Service and maintenance

Our service technician will explain the operation and functioning of the aquarium. If you do not take advantage of our regular service, maintenance and other care of your aquarium, we will train you, suggest possible consultations in the future and provide you with useful contacts.

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Contact us

We offer you cooperation not only in the implementation of the aquarium, but also in its use. We emphasize high professionalism, we keep careful documentation for each aquarium and there is no problem with a service contract. Contact us by mobile, e-mail or via the contact form and together we will prepare the solution that will suit you best.

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Do you need modification, change or service of your aquarium? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with everything you need in a qualified and at the highest professional level.

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Long-term maintenance

You don't want to take care of the aquarium at all or you just don't have the time? Never mind, leave everything to us, we will be happy to take care of your aquarium! We will come to you once a month and do everything. Contact us, tell us your ideas and we will prepare and arrange everything.


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